Working as a Latitude Attorney, Paralegal or Legal Operations Professional

Life as a Latitude Attorney

We provide challenging yet flexible opportunities, along with great pay and benefits.

We Offer a Different Way to Practice

Latitude Attorneys have proven themselves by practicing at leading companies and law firms and now want more flexibility. We can give you a way to establish boundaries while creating a work schedule or environment that supports your personal and professional goals.

Want to continue doing sophisticated work while also coaching a child’s softball team, taking care of an aging parent at home or traveling the world? Latitude is the answer.

Flexibility Can Be an Advantage

At Latitude, you can continue to advance in your career but in a more rewarding way. Corporate legal departments and law firms across the country need attorneys with sophisticated practice experience to assist their teams, and they often recognize flexibility can be an advantage.

Flexibility means different things to different attorneys. For some, it's the freedom to choose which engagements to accept or decline. For others it's choosing part-time or remote work. It can even mean working trial hours for six months and then taking a few months off between engagements to relax.

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Latitude Attorneys are W-2 employees whose compensation and benefits are competitive with those in most large legal departments. You may be surprised at the compensation available if you have the right practice experience.

Latitude Attorneys

Our attorneys work and live throughout the United States.

I was skeptical when Latitude asked me what my dream work scenario looked like, but then they went out and got it for me. I have worked with them for years now – even through my second pregnancy. I picked right back up on my existing engagement after my maternity leave. I enjoy having boundaries around my work so that I can devote more time to my growing family without feeling like I always need to be checking email or billing hours.
Kira Mann, Latitude Attorney

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Whether you're an attorney or legal ops executive looking for legal talent to assist your team or you’re a legal professional looking for a substantive yet flexible role, let us find a solution to meet your needs.